find your fit.

No. It's not about fitting in.

It's about getting clear on who you are and building a life that serves you.

Jennifer Webber, JD

Kolbe Certified® Consultant

When we have the freedom to be ourselves, we each have a distinct approach to solving problems.

As a Certified Kolbe Consultant, Jennifer works with you to find your way. In a conversational session you will learn your distinct approach and understand how that shows up in your worklife. Understanding who you are when you are not trying to fit into a system or a "way" gives greater insight to you and your approach to work.

You may be:

  • A person who starts a project by researching the facts or necessary information before beginning a project.
  • A person who jumps into a project and figures it out as you go.
  • The person who usually physically demonstrates new products.
  • A person who can see and implement systems from the get go.

However you begin to solve a problem is not the whole picture. It is simply the beginning of your process. Getting your Kolbe results will give you a clear picture about how you spend your energy and the order in which your strengths are deployed.

Understanding your conative strengths within Kolbe allows you to see how your strengths and those of your colleagues and teammates complent and work together. Your results also help understand and strengthen relationships with your employees, board members, and even within your family.

My work with Jennifer included a Kolbe A assessment and consultation, which opened my eyes to why I work the way I do. Approximately two months into working with Jennifer, I found myself considering a new professional opportunity. It was the perfect opportunity to apply my new knowledge of myself during the interview and onboarding period.

Now several months into that position, my self-knowledge and advocacy have provided nearly endless positive returns. I frequently find myself in a state of flow that leaves me energized and ready for the challenges that present themselves.

Mary Ann, J.D.

Advocate for yourself in life and work.

You have likely found yourself adapting to the rules and processes in a school or work environment at somepoint in your life. Whether learning systems to get through school at any level, or to navigate "the way" your workplace requires to get the job done, to trying all the methods out there to be efficient, manage time, and/or to "correctly" communicate with clients and colleagues, your ability to adapt has likely led you to lose sight of your unique way of getting things done.

Conciously or unconsciously adapting to these situations requires you to change your approach to problem solving to fit into a particular situation. This happens to everyone at some point, whether in their personal or professional lives.

Adapting yourself over the long term can lead to burnout, frustration with yourself, and with others.

Work with Jennifer

Book a complementary 20 minute call. Together we will discuss appropriate options for you. Together we can discuss the right fit to incorporate this assessment into your long term personal and professional goals.

Some options to discuss:

  • An individualized consultation session to understand understand your self and how you operate. Using these results, you can assess your goals and future.
  • Team training sessions for you and your teams, whether sales teams, the team of professionals in your office, or however you define team.
  • If you are self employed without a team, we will discuss individualized consulting as well as one day group opportunities to discuss and understand results with other solo entrepreneurs.
  • Consultations focused on heading off to college or choosing a graduate school program.
What is a Kolbe A assesment?

The Kolbe A is essential to understand an individual's approach to solving problems when the brain is actively engaged. Each of us has the same energy to expend for solving a problem but how we approach problem solving is unique to each of us. Understanding our unique MO is valuable to understanding ourselves and why we may feel stressed, conflicted, or burnt out in certain situations.

Kolbe Corp. offers a variety of assessments for indviduals, teams, for professional and personal reasons but the Kolbe A is the essential starting place.

How much time should I plan to complete the Kolbe A?

After reviewing the brief instructions, completing the questionaire should take approximately 15 to 20 minutes. No preparation is required. Simply make dedicated, uninterrupted time to answer the questions.

My employer wants me to take this. Is this another "team building" exercise that only checks a box for them?

Absolutely not. The purpose of Kolbe assessments for the individual, job position, or team trainings is to understand the individuals conative strengths and abilities. With individual results plus additional team analysis, results are reviewed to understand and demonstrate how a team as a whole works together.

How is Kolbe different than other assessments I've taken?

The Kolbe methedology recognized three parts of the brain. First, the "smarts" or a person's IQ that constitutes lived experience, training, and education. The second part of the brain is the "affective" part of the brain. Most tests you may have taken, Myers Briggs and others, focus on a person's values and feelings. The results of these types of assessments can change over a person's lifetime.

Kolbe assessments looks at the "conative" part of the brain, the way a person actively seeks to solve a problem "their way" as in following their own modus operandi.

What can I expect working with Jennifer?

Having experienced the transformative change in viewpoint about herself after taking the Kolbe A, she set a goal to become a Certified Kolbe Consultant. Booking a session with Jennifer means you will have an uninterrupted 90 minute session to understand your specific results and have an in depth 1:1 consultation and conversation about your results. Should you choose an ongoing consultation, Jennifer will work with you to assess your goals and aid you in navigating your next steps to finding

Can Kolbe assessments help my team?

Absolutely. Team trainings introduce individuals to the Kolbe method and their unique results. Once this is understood, groups participating in training get to explore and understand how each person's approach to problem solving is different from, and complementary to, the team. Understanding how each other operates removes assumptions about behavior and can lead to each person speaking up for their needs in communication and achieving team goals.


Schedule a 20 minute call to speak to Jennifer to discuss how a private consulation utilizing the Kolbe methodology can benefit your personal

and professional life.

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