Entrepreneurships is never linear.

But you can always have support.

Just beginning your business?

You can take one of the many live online sessions to learn business essentials that you need to know to protect your business.

All sessions are taught by Jennifer with replays and materials available after the session.

Currently running your business?

While classes can always help, you would like support on a regular basis. Joining The Collective is one opportunity for ongoing support from Jennifer while also learning from other business owners and their challenges, successes, and views on approaching business ownership.

Become a founding member today.

Looking inward for yourself and your business?

In addition to growing in a group setting, you can work with Jennifer on an individual basis to really focus on your goals and your next phase in business and understand more about yourself.

You may also want to seek insight into improving communication with and among your teams.

Go here to learn more about the tools Jennifer uses in connection with indivdiualized coaching to support you in navigating new businesses, new careers, and new adventures.

Jennifer Webber, J.D.

Strategic Consultant | Executive Coach

Certified Kolbe Consultant


After a career as a trademark and copyright attorney, I launched the Entrepreneurship Collective to provide education, training, resources, and support to business owners as they develop and grow their businesses. This began with teaching trademark fundamentals and grew to group and individualized consulting with clients in all stage of business and in life.

Whatever your stage, you'll end up researching what needs to be done next and how to do accomplish that step. Doing this all on your own may result in "productive procrastination" where things on the list are getting done but nothing is really moving forward. I've been there. Many times.

However we work together, you will gain clarity on next steps, how to achieve them, and make sure that your big picture aligns with your values and goals.

Let's work together!

Jennifer brings her 20+ years in the legal field working with a broad variety of industries to assist you to gain clarity, focus, and momentum in your business. Finding personal value and insight with the Kolbe A assessment, Jennifer is now a Kolbe Certified Consultant. This certification allows her to help clients find even greater insight into themselves and their teams.

For more information about the Kolbe methodology and how Jennifer incorporates this into her consulting, please read more here.

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