Find Your Fit

You have an idea, a vision, possibly a plan, to start a business. This may be your first one, or a new goal based on your years of expertise.

You know this can work, you are just not sure how to handle all the moving parts. Parts you get from conflicting advice from friends, colleagues, and your own extensive research.

It's not about trying to fit in, fit the mold, or even break the mold. The point is to be yourself and achieve your business goals.

Start with the Essentials

No matter what stage you are in business, there will be something new to learn and implement.

You may be just starting out and want to get everything lined up before you open. Or, you may have already started and realized there are things you should take care of NOW. You may want to send up a flare for support.

From low key accountability groups, classes on an

as needed basis, as well as tools and resources designed to solve a specific issue, Entrepreneurship Collective offers Business Essentials to support you as you launch and grow your business.

"Working with Jennifer has felt like a true blessing to my business as well as to me personally. She creates a routine that allows for accountability, learning and implementation. She understands and validates the experiences of being a business owner and entrepreneur."

Erin B. - Client

become a part of

The Collective

There is more to starting and running a business than providing direct service to your customers. Whether you are a service provider, course creator,

retail shop owner, artist, or other entrepreneur, the exceptional amount of work that goes into supporting can be overhwelming. Especially if you are on your own wearing all the hats.

When you look past all of the work and are able to remember your purpose, some of the overwhelm falls away. Your purpose becomes your focus and you are able to create a business that truly works for you.

Don't do this alone. Get support in a community designed to give you strategic support to get work done and have real conversations. When you become a part of The Collective you join a private and trusted space away from social media and networking obligations to get clear on your vision

Work with Jennifer

Working with Jennifer 1:1 allows for guided and strategic conversations about your goals, your unique approach to problem solving, and finding your throughline so that you build a life you enjoy. A life where work is fulfilling, not draining.

Book a short strategy call here to learn how to best work with Jennifer on an individualized basis.

Jennifer L. Webber, J.D.

Strategic Consultant | Executive Coach

Kolbe Certified ® Consultant

"Jennifer’s values-centered executive consulting was right on time as I considered started a new business and simultaneously moved into a new position within my professional field. Using her throughline method to identify who I am based on what I value has given me a new window into professional choices and opportunities.

Frankly, I have reconnected my professional life to who I am in ways that I did not think possible. After years of struggle to find passion and meaning in my work, my professional life has been transformed."

Mary Ann M., J.D. - Client

Don't go it alone.

Connect with The Collective to build

your entrepreneurial life your way, with support.

Eliminate the frustration and need for S.O.S. flares!

Find your way. Find your fit.™

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