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The Collective

Feel alone and overwhelmed?

Would you send up a flare if it would actually bring people and resources that allow you to truly solve problems and advance your business?

The Collective was founded by Jennifer Webber, J.D. to help business owners and entrepreneurs gain momentum in a supportive and professional environment. As a business owner, and as an attorney advising other businesses over the years, Jennifer has seen and/or traveled all the paths and experienced all the frustrations that come with building a business, whether as a professional service provider or online business owner.

find your fit. find your path.™

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What you'll experience as a member:

  • A membership designed to meet your needs, not force you to fit into a pre-established system, method, or model.
  • A professional and supportive community led by founder Jennifer Webber, attorney, business owner,
    and consultant.
  • Ongoing conversations that help you decide the best way to run your business based on your strengths, talents, M.O., and values that fit your vision.
  • The opportunity to gain clarity and support in a group led by a founder that understands entrepreneurship is never linear.
  • A private space off social media to freely talk about the successes and frustrations of being a business owner without the pressure of networking or being "on" all the time.

Membership Benefits

Build and expand your unique roadmap.

Bring your business to the group, no matter what stage you are in. This membership doesn't require you to fit into a method or mode. Instead, you work with Jennifer to find your throughline, your M.O., to run your business in a way that fits your values and goals.

Be a part of a supportive community.

Join the group weekly for facilitated co-working sessions. Use this dedicated time to get work done in a supportive group and enjoy the accountability these sessions provide.

Get tailored feedback

Group hot seat sessions are held for members to get direct feedback from Jennifer. No matter your issue, you will receive actionable feedback from Jennifer to address your goals. This group setting allows you to learn and apply the feedback other members receive as well.


  • Weekly Wednesday co-working sessions led by Jennifer for accountability, community, and momentum.
  • Hot Seat Sessions on the first and third thursdays of the month for individualized strategic coaching in a group setting.
  • A private and facilitated community space off social media to ask for and receive support from group members
  • A growing library of practical resources including checklists, trainings, and resources to support you vision and goals.
  • Monthly sprints and challenges designed to streamline your business.

*Monthly membership requires an initial six month commitment. Founding Member pricing honored as long as membership maintained.


  • Everything provided in the monthly membership
  • Bonus One: $300 savings from monthly membership
  • Bonus Two: One 90 minute 1:1 strategy session with Jennifer to tackle a project of your choice.

Founding Member pricing honored as long as membership maintained.

"Working with Jennifer has felt like a true blessing to my business as well as to me personally. She creates a routine that allows for accountability, learning and implementation. She understands and validates the experiences of being a business owner and entrepreneur."

Erin B. - Client

Entrepreneurship Collective LLC

124 N. 29th Street No. 401

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