KUDOS System

Get your rave reviews on record, legally.

Marketing your business with testimonials from satisfied customers is not as simple as grabbing a screenshot and posting on your social accounts or your website.

Doing so without written permission exposes you
and your business to legal liability.

HOW you ask is JUST as important as getting written permission.

Advertising rules apply to every business marketing their products and services in the United States,
no matter the size of the business.



Tools and Templates:

  • Testimonial & Media Release Template
  • Email templates to ask for, follow up with, and thank your reviewers
  • Customized Trello® Board to track your reviews from leads to       legally published.

Guide that Explains:

  • Why written permission is essential for your business to use photo, video, and written testimonials/reviews.
  • How to use the templates, whether in template form or with online tools.
  • The steps to put the system in place right away and set you up for success to share rave reviews.
  • Why it is important to get specific when asking for testimonials.
  • And, just as importantly what NOT to do when asking for reviews

And more...

  • Video tutorials demonstrating how to use the KUDOS System.
  • Tutorials showing how to use third party tools to seamlessly collect your rave reviews.

KUDOS System

Use your social proof properly and make more sales!


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